Sunday, October 01, 2006


As you might already know, I went to Thailand almost 3 months ago. I am not going to tell you everything but only a really brief summary and some pics in order to give you an overview of this wonderfull country.

This trip had been planed in a really short time ( hadn't been planed in fact ^_^)and we arrived at the airport around 11pm without any hotels or rooms for the night. But thanks to a low season for tourists, we found quite instantly something for the night.

We spent 3 more days in Bangkok before taking a crapy (but so cheap) bus to reach Huan Hin between Pukket and Bangkok...we also visited the amazing city (village??) of Ayutaya, the temples of which are quite different from the ones of Bangkok (Kmer style in fact)...

The contrast with Japan was terrific when we came back...a feeling of cleanliness spreads inside you but you just start to regret the nice weather you had, compare to the current typhon season of Japan.

I must also indicate all the food you can find in Thailand...mainly if you got your vaccinations before...well...we didn't have time....but I am sure it would be better ^_^...anyway I managed to try some hot coconut curry, really good, but which remained me later that our poor european stomach doesn't have all these needed bacterias....

...after one week and 3kg less...I enjoyed my last times in Japan and started to plan how i could put 2000kg of luggages in one tiny bag...


Anonymous Nico said...

so far, U're still late my friend!!!

what about London???

already two weeks there and still no news on your blog!!! So let's work boy!!!


9:08 pm  
Anonymous Miss Bangkok Hotels said...

Thailand is miracle land for tourists. I like historic temples in Ayuthaya but i didn't has a good chance to go there. Thank you so much for your picture and story blog.

4:19 am  

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