Saturday, October 07, 2006

Welcome to London

After the last words, I am sure you are as touched as me but now, a new adventure starts and it's time for me to introduce my new drop zone...London. Indeed, I've signed for a year in the University College London (UCL) which is quite impressive if you compare to the washing-machine design of my previous (well i am supposed to be still linked to it...) school in Lyon.

The beginning was quite interesting since I managed my arrival as I could...that means the situation was a bite stressfull...even more for my parents...what did I do? fact nothing...which was the problem...I was supposed to attend to the first induction meeting on Monday at 10am and...i arrived without room for the night...on Monday at 9am!

Well, If you are thinking that I was a lazy guy, I must stop you right now...the situation was: despite my emails, calls or even fax, I was lucky enough not to receive anything...NO informations at all...but, happy end...I arrived directly with my backpack to the office and I took one of the officers to hit the other one (sorry if my jokes are close to a direct translation from french :D)...but they told me that they knew they had never replied even if they answered positively to the this case no problem...why should i worry??

Anyway, at the end, they gave me a room with the address only...then my mission was to find this adress, of course outside of the only map I got, and to come back for the less than 55 min...

With my wonderfull orientation skills ^_^...I found the far...I put my bag inside the flat and I came back...simply running...but they were waiting for nice...after some words...the really purpose of this meeting was figured out...a small buffet for all the Space team...

Then I got almost 10 days without anything to do...well when I say anything...I don't tell all the administrative problems which can appear like bank, room fees, duvet set since the room was without any blanket or sheets (this kind of information would have been nice to plan before)...and so on. I took time to go to the British musuem which is a complete mess but you can go as often you want...

At the end, I am in Camden town in a flat with a guy from Thailand and an other on from Cyprus, both postgraduate students like me. The flat was really dirty but after a complete shampoo, it's quite ok and my room is big enough to occasionally host one or two "extra" people.

Now, I must say a word about Camden town. In fact I discovered that this city (10min far by bus or 35 min on foot) is famous for its market and...for its punks! Well the area is funny during the day and quite convinient for living; but the night could give you some "cold sweats". Anyway, I think it's almost the same everywhere in London...people are more or less crazy in some way and we were always said to be really carefull all time let's see what we can do and let's try to enjoy this place...

Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you that London is also this fabulous weather every hour, this pic is from my kitchen and you are supposed to see all London :D :D :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

youpi! Minou est de retour sur son site! in englih now! bisous depuis cpe, où rien a changé...bisous bisous

10:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi ! i see that your set up in london was quite tricky but i'm sure you're very fine now !
Tough i'like to see more posts on your blog since the last one is two month old !
this was a message from your (very)old friend Thibault Pister which is not as fluent as you in english but who's trying to ...;-)

i'm still in Paris and i'm now a consulatant in commercial real estate !

I hope to have some news from you in the following weeks.

Enjoy my friend !

11:42 pm  
Blogger Pierre-Louis said...

Alors mec, donne nous quelques news :) ca fait un bye !

Et tu repasses qd au Japon ?

5:26 am  
Blogger Ning2 said...

hehe..glad to see your new life going well.
hope you have a good time in London!

1:28 am  
Blogger J-Chris said...

Ola l'ancien .. va falloir blogger severe ...!

9:34 pm  

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